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Detailed Description: 

Modle  W1001A W1002 W1002-100
Delivery Belt Quantity 1 2 2
Working Width 1600mm 1600mm 1000mm
Capacity 500kg 500kg 300kg
Power 5.57 kg 6.3kg 6.3kg
Rated Load  5000 5000 5000
Weighing/Feeding Frequency 2-4 times/min 2-4 times/min 2-4 times/min


Fiber is fed by delivery lattice and grabbed by spiked lattice, and opened by the even beater, and then stripped onto the electronic balance by stripping beater. The electronic balance weighs fiber according to different ratio automatically, then the fibers drop onto the blending lattice of W1051 Blending Lattice Opener.


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