OmniRetail-Experts.com, founded by Stephany Gochuico in January 2014, is a blog focusing on the best practices of OmniChannel Retail helping retailers and brands cope with the new “omnichannel” paradigm. The blog will examine different issues faced by retailers, and investigate different courses of action, strategies and solutions to maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced retail environment and digital world.


OmniRetail-Experts.com will examine the following issues in OmniChannel Retail as presented in the Founder’s Thesis entitled “OmniChannel Retail Best Practices—Consumer Needs, Strategies and Solutions”:


  • What are the consumer needs?
  • How do retailers meet customer needs?
  • How to manage shopping behaviours of different generations?
  • What are the essentials of a successful omnichannel strategy?
  • What are the technical solution platforms to consider on the market?
  • How to manage silos between multiple channels?
  • How to drive traffic into the stores and increase turnover?
  • How to beat the showrooming phenomenon?
  • What are the factors to consider when choosing the right E-Commerce Platform?
  • How to leverage Social Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Cloud Computing, Big Data and other new technologies in OmniChannel Retailing?
  • And many more…